Premium tenant placement

Finding the right tenant is more than just filling vacancies—it’s about safeguarding your investment and ensuring long-term profitability. 5 Star Property Management offers a Premium Tenant Placement service that goes beyond traditional screening. Our comprehensive 4-part process provides property owners with peace of mind, ensuring only the most qualified tenants occupy your El Paso property.

Background check

We start out with a very thorough background check to ensure the person on the application is who they say they are. We don’t trust your property to just anybody, we want a thorough review of the prospective tenant history so we can make sure sure we are placing the right person in your property.

Credit check

A thorough credit evaluation forms the backbone of financial reliability. By prioritizing applicants with strong credit histories, we reduce the risk of late payments or defaults, ensuring a smoother, more predictable rental income flow for you. We also know that unpredictable circumstances may cause credit to take a turn for the worse and we take that into consideration.

Employment / Income verification

Confirming stable employment and or income is crucial. This step ensures that potential tenants have a reliable income source to meet their rental obligations consistently, further solidifying your rental income stream. The standard income requirement for 5 Star Property Management is 3x rental price. We also like to see stable work longevity.

Rental History Review

A tenant’s past behavior is often a predictor of future actions. By selecting tenants with positive rental histories, we aim to reduce turnover rates and the costs associated with finding new tenants. We ask previous landlords a variety of questions, like payment history, property condition, adherence to the lease. The best question “Would you lease to them again”?

Eviction Check

We check potential tenants against an eviction database to identify any past issues. Additionally, we review their rental history with previous landlords to assess payment history, property care, and lease adherence.

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