In-depth market analysis

Request the market analysis report to learn more about the current market rates, which allows us to set competitive rental prices that attract tenants while maximizing returns.
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Comprehensive market analysis

From initial assessment to detailed evaluation

> Step 1

Initial call for premarket analysis

We'll conduct a market analysis to determine a competitive rental price range for your house. This analysis considers basic data such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as the square footage of your property. This ensures we set a rent that reflects the market value accurately.

> Step 2

In-depth market analysis during onboarding

We'll take a close look at your property's details like the size, any new updates, and upgrades by manually searching the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). We compare these features with other similar properties that were rented out recently. This thorough check helps us set a rental price that’s just right for your property and makes sure it stands out in the market.

"Zillow says I can rent my house out for $$$."

Myth: This is not an accurate number, this is called a Zestimate, basically made up number. Zillow does not have access to MLS data so it can not accurately display a viable comparison.
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