Tenants FAQs

How do I pay rent?
Rent can be paid through our online tenant portal at https://5starpropertymanage.managebuilding.com/Resident/apps/portal/login
 I want to get an animal companion. What do I do?
We would need to get owner approval and fill out an Animal Agreement. Additional deposits will apply. Please reach out to [email protected] to get animal policy of the property before acquiring an animal. 

In addition, please know that PetScreening.com handles all our animal screening processes. It is mandatory to undergo this process for animal verification.
 I want to move out, but my roommate wants to stay. What do I do?
Roommate will need to show ability to pay rent on his or her own and new lease will need to be signed..
My lease expiration is coming and I want to move out. What do I do?
You will need to send us an email or letter stating that you will not be renewing your lease. We will then send you instructions for move out 30 days prior to moving out.
Who is responsible for paying for repairs & maintenance requests?
Through the natural progression of items in the house wearing down and breaking the owner will pay for repairs. If after inspection, it looks like the issue was caused by tenant neglect, repairs will be charged to the tenant.
Is the deposit refundable?
 Security Deposit are refundable after inspections have been completed and there is no damage to property that is above normal wear and tear or noted on your “Inventory and Conditions Form” at move in.
What is the protocol for requesting an early termination of my lease with 5 Star Property Management?
If you choose to end your lease agreement before its stipulated end date, you will continue to be financially responsible for the rent until a new tenant occupies the property. Please reach out to [email protected] to get further details and assistance on this.

It is important to understand the obligations to avoid any unexpected costs or misunderstandings.
What is the CredHub credit reporting process?
CredHub's credit reporting process is designed to report the payment status to the credit bureaus each month. This includes both payment and non-payment, providing a powerful incentive for on-time payments. 

An important part of CredHub's reporting includes late and skipped payments, which both Equifax and TransUnion consider as a factor in resident credit scores.

CredHub can legally report up to 24 months of past rental payments if necessary
How does CredHub report to the credit bureaus?
CredHub establishes a tradeline with the bureaus to report for your renters on your behalf. During the first few months, CredHub will review your renter data with you prior to submitting it to the bureaus.
Which credit bureaus does CredHub report to?
CredHub reports to three major credit bureaus: Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian.
When does CredHub's credit reporting start?
The credit reporting process with CredHub starts from the lease period that follows the completion of the setup. If the current lease period started before the setup was completed, the credit reporting will most likely start with the upcoming lease period.

Credit score websites such as Credit Karma and FreeCreditScore.com are delayed several weeks obtaining new information. A credit report drawn directly from the credit bureaus will reflect new payment information within a few days.
What happens if my payment history is submitted incorrectly?
CredHub handles all questions and disputes with residents. They have an all access website at www.credhub.com, can be reached by phone at 1-833-888-CRED, or by email at [email protected]. If a correction may be needed on information that was inadvertently submitted to the credit bureaus, we will handle resolution for the resident.
How do I find out which mailbox is assigned to my new residence?
To locate the assigned mailbox, please visit your local post office. Bring a copy of your lease agreement. The staff at the post office will provide guidance on the location of the mailbox cluster assigned to your address and the specific box number that corresponds to your property.

We, as the property management, do not have direct access to this information. The assignment of mailboxes is managed by the United States Postal Service (USPS).
 How do I get keys to my mailbox?
To obtain your mailbox keys, follow these steps:
- Use the link provided to locate the nearest postal office: PO Locator | USPS
- Provide identification and a copy of the lease documents.
- Pay any associated fees. Note that these may vary based on the type of mailbox and the location.
- In some cases, you may need to wait for the key to be delivered if it's not in stock.

Rental Application Questions

You have a property I want to rent. How do I apply?
Do I pay first month’s rent and last month’s rent with my security deposit?
Upon application approval and prior to move in Security Deposit and First Month's rent due. Last month's rent may be due depending on owner and application results.
 Who should I pay my deposits and rent to?
If it's a property that is managed by 5 Star Property Management LLC, all deposits and rents should be paid only to 5 Star Property Management LLC. Please be aware of fraudulent practices and ensure you are only communicating with 5 Star Property Management regarding payments.
Can you hold a place before I apply?
Unfortunately No, once the application process has been approved we can hold property for 15 days with security deposit paid in advance. Some exception may apply depending on owner.
How old do you have to be to apply?
Must be 18 year of age or older.
Who needs a cosigner?
Cosigners would be considered with application that do not meet the owners requirements. A co-signer for a rental property must meet all the rental owner's requirements independently and should be located in El Paso, Texas. This means the co-signer should have sufficient income, satisfactory credit score, and a clean rental history, among other criteria set by the rental owner. The co-signer essentially needs to qualify for the rental alone, as they are providing a guarantee to cover the rent in case the primary tenant is unable to fulfill their rental payment obligations. 
What does "FIRST-COME-PRE-QUALIFIED, FIRST-SERVE BASIS" mean in the application process?
This means applications are processed in the order they are received, but only after they have met certain pre-qualification requirements.
What happens if the application form is not fully completed?
Incomplete applications will not be processed and will be considered denied after 1-2 business days unless an acceptable reason is provided.
What are the pre-qualification requirements for an application?
All occupants above 18 years old must submit an application, pay the application fee, and complete all necessary documents. They must have a valid Social Security number or Tax ID number, verifiable income at least three times the monthly rent, and at least 12 months of positive rental or mortgage history. They must also be able to take possession of the property within two weeks from the availability date.
What are the requirements for benefit holders?
Benefit holders must have verifiable income showing collective net income of at least three times the tenant's rent portion, along with a benefits verification letter.
What happens if false information is provided on the application?
Providing false information will result in the application being denied.
What is the cost of a rental application and what does it cover?
Each rental application costs $35. This fee is used to cover the costs of running all the necessary checks, such as credit and background checks, required for the application process.

The rental application fee is only collected once the application process has officially started. If your application is currently on a waiting list, no fee is collected. 

Please note that this fee is non-refundable. The rental application fee is non-refundable regardless of the outcome of your application or if you decide not to proceed. This is due to the costs incurred in running the necessary checks.
What is the Tenants Benefits Package?
The Tenants Benefits Package is included in the rental price, offering additional services and benefits to tenants.
How long does it take to process an application?
Applications will be processed, approved, waitlisted, or denied within 1-3 business days.
How can I apply for a rental property?
You can apply by filling out the application form on our website at 
What is the process for screening my animal companion?
Our animal screening process is handled by PetScreening.com. Once we start processing your rental application, we will send you a link to begin the animal screening process.

Animal Companion Verification Questions

Is the pet deposit refundable at the end of the lease term?
No, the pet deposit is non-refundable. Once it's paid, it will not be returned at the end of the lease term.
If a tenant has multiple pets, do they need to pay the pet deposit for each one?
Yes, the pet deposit fee is per animal companion. If a tenant has multiple pets, they would be required to pay the pet deposit for each one.
Are there any restrictions on the types of pets allowed?
The allowance of pets and any specific restrictions are set by the property owner. Tenants must adhere to these rules. If the owner does not allow pets or has specific restrictions, those will need to be followed.
What is PetScreening.com?
PetScreening.com is a secure platform to manage important information about your Animal Companion or Assistance Animal.
What is the fee for pet screening?
The fee is $20 for the first pet and $15 for every additional pet. There is no charge for submitting a reasonable accommodation request for an assistance animal.

Showing Questions

What is a Self-Tour Option?
The Self-Tour Option is a feature provided by Showing Hero - a smart home and self-guided touring hardware and software provider. It allows you to tour a property independently, without the need for a real estate or leasing agent.
How do I know if a property has a Self-Tour Option?
 If the property has a Self-Tour option, you will see an “Enter Property Yourself” button on the property listing. If this button is absent, it means the property doesn't have a self-tour lockbox. 

Please access the link below to verify:
What if a property doesn't have a Self-Tour Option?
If a property doesn't offer a self-tour option, you will need to coordinate with local agents or realtors to schedule a viewing. Some recommended agents in the Greater El Paso Area can be found at www.elpasotx.com/agent/search. Or, you can access Zillow using the link below:
- Here's a guide on how to search for a local agent: Click here to view Guide
What if the property isn't available yet?
If a property isn't available yet, you will need to wait until its availability date. We advise against disturbing current tenants. You can reach out to a local agent or one of our affiliated agents to check if they can schedule a viewing with the tenants.
How do I schedule an online showing with ShowingHero?
You can schedule a showing by visiting the ShowingHero website (https://showinghero.com/property/searchproperties/5starpropertymanagement) , finding the property you're interested in, clicking on 'Schedule a Showing', selecting a date and time, and providing your details. You may also need to enable geo-fencing and confirm your location for the feature to work.
What if showing is not available?
If showing is not available, please call us at 915 996 5775 for clarification.
How to Use ShowingHero
Here's how to schedule an online showing with ShowingHero, including the geo-fencing feature:

1. Visit the Website: Open your browser and go to the ShowingHero website at https://showinghero.com/property/searchproperties/5starpropertymanagement

2. Find the Property: Use the search bar to find the property you're interested in by entering its name or address.

3. Click on 'Schedule a Showing': This button or link should be easily visible on the property's page.

4. Pick a Date and Time: Choose a suitable date and time from the available slots on the calendar.

5. Provide Your Details: Input your name, email, and phone number. This allows the property manager to send you a confirmation or get in touch if there are changes.

6. Enable Geo-fencing: If prompted, agree to enable geo-fencing. This is a feature that uses your phone's location to automatically check you in when you arrive for the showing. Make sure your phone's GPS or location services are turned on.

7. Confirm Your Location: For the geo-fencing feature to work, you need to confirm your current location or provide an estimated location of where you'll be coming from on the day of the showing.

8. Submit: After entering all the necessary information, hit the 'Submit' button.

9. Await Confirmation: Look out for a confirmation email or text with the details of your showing.

And that's it! You've now scheduled a showing with ShowingHero. Remember to be punctual for your appointment, and ensure your phone's location services remain active for the geo-fencing feature to check you in automatically.
Who should I reach out to if I encounter any issues with ShowingHero (example: geo-fencing)?
For any concerns with ShowingHero schedule tours, please see the contact information below:
- 866.300.0883
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