Our History

A Star is Born!

The Start

Our story begins in 2010 with Daniel Alu, who was selling real estate in the Northeast part of El Paso for a local home builder. His daily job involved sitting in the model home for eight hours, engaging with potential buyers to either sell them one of the builder's homes or help them find something else.

Getting The Gist!

A steady stream of home buyers enabled Daniel to build a client list. As he maintained contact over the years, he became their go-to real estate agent. Some of these clients had purchased homes just a few years earlier and found that, due to the small amount of equity they had, selling the house would cost more than it was worth. This created a stressful situation for Daniel's clients. To address this, Daniel proposed a solution: renting out their houses. He knew another broker who ran a small property management company and was willing to take on these clients.

Into the Groove!

After several of Daniel's clients chose to rent out their homes, he quickly realized they weren't receiving the level of care he expected. In 2013, after obtaining his Texas Broker License, Daniel founded 5 Star Real Estate. Initially, he continued to focus primarily on helping clients buy and sell real estate. However, he occasionally had clients, often military personnel moving out of state, for whom he provided rental and property management services.

Lift Off!!

Starting with just a handful of homes, Daniel's portfolio quickly grew to 20, then 40, and eventually 60 homes. Recognizing this as an untapped business opportunity that demanded a higher standard of excellence, Daniel promptly hired and trained a diverse team to elevate the business. Over the following years, the business expanded to manage 120, 160, and then 200 homes. In 2019, the company's name was changed from 5 Star Real Estate to 5 Star Property Management. As the years progressed, Daniel continued to recruit talented individuals, helping the company grow to manage over 350 properties.


5 Star Property Management stands on Reliability, Communication and Excellence, the three pillars that have formed the foundation of the company.
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