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At 5 Star Property Management, our property onboarding process is designed to seamlessly integrate your property into our portfolio while maximizing its rental potential. This process is divided into key phases, each crafted to address the specific needs of your property, preparing it for success in the competitive El Paso rental market.

Phase 1

Signed management agreement

Start your property journey with our Property Management Agreement (PMA). It's the first step in our commitment to boost your property's value and rental income. 

Love Us or Leave Us Guarantee

If we are not upholding our commitment that we promised you, you can break up with us

Phase 2

In-depth property inspection

Upon confirmation of vacancy, we conduct a "New Account Inspection" to meticulously evaluate the property. This thorough inspection highlights both recommended and necessary repairs to ensure compliance with livable standards and enhance the property's appeal to potential tenants. We do this because we want to maintain the integrity of your home throughout the years that it remains a rental property. 

Why we do this

Identifies potential issues before they become costly repairs, saving money in the long run. Enhances property value and appeal, attracting quality tenants more quickly.

Safety and Aesthetic Assessment

We pinpoint safety and liability concerns per Texas Property Code and identify cosmetic issues.

Common Issues

Examples include ensuring the correct lock mechanism mandated by the State and addressing minor items like door stoppers and sink stoppers, which, despite their low cost, can prevent future costly repairs.

Repair Punch List

We compile a list of necessary repairs and recommendations for your consideration.

Phase 3

Make ready repairs

Our focus is to get it right from the start.

Touch-ups and Repairs

After inspections, we move to make-ready, prioritizing repairs. From minor touch-ups to major renovations, we ensure top-notch workmanship.

Cleaning Services

We partner with trusted cleaning and carpet services to prep homes for occupancy, guaranteeing cleanliness. All tenants must adhere to our high standards, ensuring a professionally cleaned and serviced space.

Phase 4

Final inspection

pre-resident inspection

Completion check

Ensuring the work is finished, we proceed to the white glove test (figuratively speaking).

Comprehensive inspection

We conduct another meticulous examination, often resulting in detailed reports spanning 50-60 pages.

Pre-tentant Documentation

This serves as evidence of the home's condition before occupancy by tenants.

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